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Meet the Product Team - Stefan Hirzel, Product Manager

Meet Stefan, Product Manager in our Tasks and Documentation team. When he’s not working on preparing user stories he enjoys doing sports. Biking (Road & MTB), hiking, skiing… the list is long. This is certainly the reason why he joined us locally in Munich - the area provides the perfect playing field for these sports. Nevertheless, it is important for him to mention that football was his first love! Another fun fact about Stefan is that due to his Swabian roots he’s very price sensitive and always buys things on sale only.

Hi Stefan, nice to have a chat with you. You started working here in the beginning of this year - why did you choose Capmo?

Stefan: I have chosen to join Capmo because I was looking to work with a motivated team within an environment where I can learn and grow personally. At Capmo you can find exactly that. Everyone across teams is very supportive while challenging me at the same time, which is a perfect environment for me to learn.

That’s very true! If you could wish for the perfect working day at Capmo, what would it look like?

Stefan: On a typical workday I skip breakfast and rather have a few coffees in the morning to get up on speed. The first thing I do when arriving at the office is get a coffee with a bit of oat milk. So my perfect workday starts with good coffee and probably a nice chat with a teammate in the kitchen. Followed by a user interview to gather insights about their problems and work creatively on possible solutions together with the team. Of course, coffee and chatting with colleagues is always a good idea in between too. Having a drink on a sunny evening after work on the terrace with some colleagues makes it a perfect day.

I see there is a lot of coffee involved in your working day! Tell me a bit about what life as a (coffeed) Product Manager at Capmo is like.

Stefan: I like being creative and working together with a cross-functional team to create user value. As a product manager, you have the possibility to do that by reaching out to customers and having a chat with them to understand their needs and problems. Based on the learnings, you work closely together with design & tech to come up with possible solutions to deliver value. I always find it very exciting to see these things in the hands of our users and I am very curious about their feedback. User insights are actually the starting point here at Capmo. We really focus on their problems and evaluate product opportunities based on that to make sure we are working on the most impactful ones that make the hard things in construction feel easy for our users. Currently, I am working on preparing user stories together with my designer for a couple of opportunities to get them into delivery.

Talking about problems. What challenges are you facing right now?

Stefan: We just committed to our OKRs for the third quarter of the year. Navigating and setting a path for the team from a product perspective in order to optimize for user value and business needs is currently my challenge as a Product Manager. This means prioritizing opportunities, and getting user stories ready for delivery while handling bugs that occur in between are the main challenges.

Let’s switch to the more fun part: What is your biggest success so far?

Stefan: After my first three months at Capmo we split up a product & engineering team into two. I was joining the newly formed team as the product manager and personally think I really had great success in forming the team. I really care about the team and provide information whenever needed. For example, walkthrough sessions of the discovery work of the Product Management Team. We really established a very good team cohesion which makes me proud to be a part of the team.

That’s awesome! Can you quickly explain how your team contributes to the goals of Capmo?

Stefan: We are responsible for our ticket and daily reports domain in our product, which has high weekly retention by our users. By tackling opportunities within those functionalities, we are digitizing the daily workflows of our users to reduce time and be more efficient in working on a project. With that, we have a great impact on our company's vision to make the hard things in construction feel easy.

Also, Capmo is really product-led, which means focusing on providing true value through our product to our customers and constantly improving our unique value proposition. This makes a real difference to me working as a Product Manager at Campo, compared to working in companies focusing on building features rather than solving problems, the so-called “feature factory”.  

And last but not least: Is there any information you would like to share with our readers who might be interested in joining Capmo’s product team?

Stefan: We are a diverse team and everyone brings her/his experience and knowledge to the table. We help each other and are fully focused on our team's success, while also keeping a critical eye on the things we do to constantly improve and make sure to provide real value for our users. We have a lot of fun too :)!

If you're looking for an environment where you can learn and grow fast, where you can have a real impact on the success of the company by going in new ways and building cool stuff with cool people, then Campo is the place you're longing for.

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