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Voices of Capmo: Marius Mischie, Engineering Manager

Enjoying his morning coffee on his balcony is not the same for Marius, since he joined Capmo as Engineering Manager: Now, he can’t overlook construction sites in his area without thinking how to pitch Capmo to the guys working there. Let’s figure out how he got there and how software engineering differs at Capmo from other companies.

Hi Marius, how were your first weeks at Capmo?

Marius: Probably one of the smoothest onboardings I ever went through – I got to meet lots of very cool people, borrow so much of their knowledge, and found myself quickly set up to contribute to the success of Capmo and my own. Plus, I visited the Munich office and enjoyed the local Bavarian cuisine (awesome beer, even more awesome sausages!)

Why did you even choose to join Capmo?

Marius: I fell in love with the opportunity Capmo has set out to explore. Being among the pioneers that get to drive the digitization of an ages-old industry is definitely something that excites me.

So you are the explorer type of person enjoying trying out new things?

Marius: Definitely! And this does not only apply to my professional life. Also in private I often try out new things – whether it is new routes with my road bike or new cake recipes on a rainy day.

„Being among the pioneers that get to drive the digitization of an ages-old industry is definitely something that excites me.“

How do you normally start your day?

Marius: When I wake up in the morning, usually the first thing I do is get some coffee going. I’m a huge coffee fan, and I spend the first minutes of my day grinding beans and steaming some milk, followed by a reasonable attempt at latte art. If the weather is nice enough (#Berlin) I’m gonna sip it on my balcony, overlooking a very conventional construction site, while thinking how to pitch Capmo to the guys working down below.

Sounds reasonable as you play a major part in developing the product those guys would use. Is that, seeing the product live in action every day, what differs software development at Capmo from other companies?

Marius: Among others, yes. But there is more. While most of the processes and our tech stack are standard for the industry, what really sets us apart is the close collaboration and the desire to always exceed our limits. We’re very lean, with autonomous teams and have cultivated an environment where we all feel comfortable to challenge each other and work together to find the best solutions to the most complex problems.

How would you describe the operating principles in Capmo’s product & engineering?

Marius: In Capmo’s Product & Engineering organization we’re focused on the customer. Everything we’re building aims to solve a problem and enable our construction partners to succeed, but at the same time we place a lot of value on the technical excellence of our product. We collaborate intensely and work truly as a team, united by our core values.

You have many open positions in your team. What should the perfect candidate bring to the table?

Marius: Curious, team-player, with good work ethics and dependability. Someone who’s not afraid to take on responsibilities and challenge themselves. Also: Be excited about challenges and find enjoyment in solving them. Be passionate about delivering value for the customer but at the same time about building a technical product you can pride yourself on. If that sounds like you, let’s chat! We have many open positions in all fields of expertise.

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