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Meet the Engineers: Michel Fernandes, Software Engineer

We usually use this section of the interview to introduce our Capmos. But today we thought we'd do it a little differently! Let’s just say that much: Michel was the employee with whom we wrote the furthest relocation story at Capmo to date. He came all the way from Brazil to Berlin!

Michel, would you like to introduce yourself?

Michel: So, before Capmo I was working as a full-stack software engineer in Brazil for a big corporate company. I’ve always worked as a full-stack and I still can’t decide which tech stack I like the most when people ask. Some fun facts about me: I love sports and I love playing volleyball, soccer, or whatever it is that keeps me moving. I am also a very passionate dog person, so if you want to get my undivided 100% attention just bring a puppy with you.

Same! That’s why we decided our employees should bring their dogs to the office. Is that the reason you chose Capmo?

Michel: Not only for the dogs! The main point for me was the people and team culture. Working in such a collaborative environment with people willing to help really makes the job a lot easier. It is also very exciting to build such an amazing tool for the construction industry.

Also, the whole hiring process was very pleasant, and most importantly, very quick. The time difference between Brazil and Germany can definitely be a challenge, but the time slots for the interviews were always very good and considerate for both parties.

How did you get into Software Engineering?

Michel: I would say that deciding on a Software Engineering career was very smooth for me. I did an electronics technician course integrated with my high school, and the subject I loved at the time was microprocessors programming in the C language. So after that, it was an easy choice for me to go for computer science courses and eventually a career. Also, I always enjoyed being around computers and tech stuff so this was another good indicator.

Sounds like it was meant to be! Let’s see you always knew you would work in engineering but what about your move to Germany? What the heck made you move to cold Germany?

Michel: This is an excellent question, even more, because I enjoy tropical weather and I am not much of a fan of the cold or winter. The thing is that I always wanted to live in Europe and experience life from a different perspective. So this together with the opportunity to work for Capmo was just adding one good thing to another.

Luckily you moved here just in time for summer! What were the challenges during your relocation process and how did you overcome these?

Michel: I would say that the biggest challenge when relocating is having to be far from family and friends, and for that unfortunately time is the only silver bullet, but other than that everything is solvable. Of course, there is a lot of bureaucracy and process when dealing with relocations, but the good part is that Capmo helped me with every doubt or challenge I had during the process.

With your move to Germany, you had the choice between our two offices (or working from home) - and you chose Berlin. How was your arrival in the capital city?

Michel: My arrival in Berlin was very smooth. I have a couple of friends living here and I also did my research on the city, so my expectations were well set. Plus, the city is amazing and it seems that there is no limit to the things you can do here. To say one thing I was definitely not prepared for was the crazy April weather though I’ve never seen that many changes between sunny and rain in just one day.

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