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Voices of Capmo: Henriette Schinn, VP Customer Success

Welcome to Capmo Henriette! Henriette joined Capmo in April as Vice President Customer Success to take over the whole post-sales team from onboarding and implementation to service and account management. After living in Berlin for ten years already she joined us in our office in the beautiful capital.

Nice to finally meet you, Henriette. How was your start to the day?

Henriette: Great! I spent time with my 10-month-old son and then started my work day with a big cup of coffee.

Let’s talk about life at Capmo. How was your start and what do you like best so far?

Henriette: My start was fantastic! I was welcomed with open arms by the whole team from day one. I appreciate the open, honest and result-oriented culture. Here, for each additional milk variation (normal, oat, soy milk, etc.), there are also at least ten new great ideas on how Capmo should be further developed.

Tell us a bit about your professional background.

Henriette: I have gained experience over the last ten years in SaaS companies in different roles, industries, company sizes and maturity stages. At the end of the day, always with Customer Success at heart, because customer satisfaction is extremely important for all SaaS companies.

After you’ve seen so many SaaS companies. What made you choose Capmo?

Henriette: No industry has as much potential as the construction industry! In addition, a great team and an equally great product already existed. The time for me to join now is perfect to prepare Capmo for the next growth step.

Also, it’s super exciting to join Capmo in its start-up phase. Everything can still be invented, defined and established – impact, impact, impact! There are so many smart, motivated people at Capmo who have the same mindset and are willing to give and take responsibility – true to the core of our company values.

You have just mentioned the great potential of the construction industry. What appeals to you about it?

Henriette: Yes, the industry is really super interesting! Especially because there is great untapped potential and there is still a lot of white space. With this, we are not only building a new software or a new company but defining a new category!

Now tell us – what are your plans as Vice President Customer Success at Capmo?

Henriette: Only a truly customer-focused company has a chance to survive in the market in the long term. That’s why I will actively work with the team to ensure that customers generate and realize the maximum value with Capmo and ideally also communicate it to others. As it is still a non-digital industry, a big focus will be on change management, enablement and adoption: how do we help people from the construction industry who are not used to working with a software to integrate the benefits of Capmo into their daily work as quickly as possible.

How would you answer the question of why now is the right time to join Capmo?

Henriette: Because you can leave a real impact in a great industry within a company with great culture and team spirit.

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