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Voices of Capmo: Alina Stegbauer, Junior Talent Acquisition Manager

Alina started her career at Capmo in October after finishing her Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Before moving back to her beautiful hometown Munich, she worked several years as a working student and intern in Recruiting – so starting at Capmo as a Junior Talent Acquisition Manager was exactly what she was looking for.

Hey Alina, how did you start your morning today?

Alina: The very first thing I do in the morning is definitely make myself a cup of coffee. Well, if it still fits in time – getting up early is absolutely not one of my strengths. That’s why I have to miss out on my coffee on some days because otherwise, the timing would get a bit too tight before the first meeting. Most days my first meeting would be a stand-up with my colleague Leonie, where we discuss how we’re doing, how we’ve slept 😉 and what’s up for the day. It is always nice to kick-off the day with other Capmos – and also quite convenient if that’s the first time you see yourself in the camera that day (haha). After that, I start with my daily tasks such as checking emails, LinkedIn and making calls.

And how would your perfect day at Capmo would look like?

Alina: Quite naturally, the perfect working day at Capmo for me includes many interesting conversations with great candidates.

Why did you decide to join Capmo?

Alina: I definitely went with my gut feeling! The interview was super personable and I felt totally comfortable from the first second on. It didn’t feel like a classic job interview where you get very much interrogated. We had a really good conversation at eye level, which I really did enjoy. Also Capmo provides a dynamic environment to grow, the opportunity to learn from mentors and to have a steep learning curve.

You’ve been here for some time now, but how was your start at Capmo?

Alina: My time at Capmo started with a great and very structured onboarding process. Everything went really smoothly. I think part of the reason why is that you get a team buddy, which takes you into all processes so that you learn by doing very quickly. I also appreciated how everyone – really everyone – meets you with an open ear and is super cordial.

And what is your favorite part about your job?

Alina: I love to get to know new people, backgrounds and career paths every day.

„Everybody is really passionate about what they’re doing and is also willing to go the extra mile for their projects. This spirit creates such a unique atmosphere! Capmo created an environment that enables you to be open, to go new ways and try things out, too.“

What are your top three favorite things about your team?

Alina: There are more than three for sure, but to stick with the question:

  • Everyone helps each other and supports where they can
  • Everyone strives to bring out the best for each other
  • Good mix of different personalities and experiences to benefit and learn from

Speaking about supporting each other. What does your teamwork look like?

Alina: A lot of joint brainstorming on new recruiting channels, weeklys on new processes and other innovations, and also knowledge sharing on all kinds of topics. It’s great to have the opportunity to get to know the different approaches of the other team members and to build your personal best practices from them.

As a Junior Talent Acquisition Manager your talking to a lot of potential employees. What should the perfect candidate bring to the table?

Alina: If you want to be a Capmo, you should bring drive and motivation to make a difference. You should challenge yourself and the status quo, be willing to learn more and desire to turn an entire industry on its head.

Why should the reader of this interview stop reading immediately and apply?

Alina: Because you can grow personally and professionally every day alongside top colleagues, learn something every day and are always pulled along by the tireless drive of your colleagues.

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