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Voices of Capmo: Felix Mayer, Account Executive

Would you know how to manage a restaurant with 70 employees? Felix does as he attended one of the leading tourism schools before starting at Capmo. No wonder he loves to go on vacation to do one of his favorite things: Visiting a local gourmet restaurant on each vacation. Here is how started his journey with us back when we were only 13 Capmos in a tiny office.

Good Morning, Felix. What happens after breakfast on a typical workday?

Felix: I have my third coffee of the day haha. Other than that there is not really an answer to that question as every day is very different from the one before. Each day brings lots of new challenges – this is also the favorite part about my job.

You changed your career when deciding to work at Capmo, why?

Felix: Because I wanted to have a real impact and also see my contribution to the success and development of the company. The part I love the most about Capmo is that everyone really lives the mindset of striving to improve. Our values are lived by and “flat hierarchies” really is a principle and not just a phrase on a job posting.

You’ve been around for a few years already!

Felix: Yes! Hard to imagine now, but I started as Sales Development Representative when we were only 13 people in a tiny office. Back then I brought my own espresso machine to the office so we could enjoy good coffee at work. After a year I got promoted to the Account Executives Team and I used to be the only Account Executive next to our Head of Sales back in 2020. This is also when we introduced “the gong” to the sales area – and suddenly three weeks after we raised our Series B. I would say this is enough proof that the gong-concept is successful! Looking back I loved to go to trade fairs, when they were still possible. One of my proudest moments at Capmo was when I closed the largest initial customer in Capmo history.

„We’re looking for people who want to shape the future of Capmo and a whole industry with us! You can start in a company at the edge of rapid growth which is a great career opportunity.“

What do you like the most about the sales department?

Felix: We really work as a team and support each other a lot. #Winasateam is part of our values and the whole company lives by them! What I appreciate about the Sales Team at Capmo is that it’s not only about the KPIs but about the people behind them! We value the uniqueness of each person and you don’t have to play a role. And of course I am super proud to be at the core when it comes to driving Capmo’s success – as we make the money ;-)!

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