Construction management has never been so simple

Ease the complex day-to-day construction and management of all your projects - with the intuitive construction software.

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30,000+ construction projects already build on Capmo

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Save up to 70% of your time

Capmo saves you valuable time and makes construction easier.


your documentation

No more hours of rework in the office. Document quickly and traceably directly on site.
  • ✔️ Document plan accurately in under 1 minute
  • ✔️ Create and send reports on the go
  • ✔️ Simply dictate long texts instead of typing them
Overview of the app interface
Software mapping

Complete 30% more projects on time

Always keep the overview

With Capmo's project overview, you can see the progress of your construction project at a glance and prevent delays.

  • ✔️ Recognize open tasks at 1 glance
  • ✔️ Overview of critical missed deadlines
  • ✔️ Tasks and construction scheduling in one overview
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1/3 Fewer queries per project

Work together smoothly

With standardized processes for you, your colleagues and partners, you work consistently and save a lot of time and misunderstandings.

  • ✔️ 2 hours less office work per day
  • ✔️ All information bundled in 1 place
  • ✔️ Avoid 80% of disputes in advance
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One software -
many applications

Whether documenting, coordinating or standardizing: So that you finally build simply, Capmo supports you exactly where you can save valuable time in your everyday work.

Overview of all Capmo Software functions

Software that focuses on your requirements


Immediately ready for use

Complicated software? Not with us. Capmo is the most intuitive platform on the market. You and all project stakeholders can start using it right away.

Unrestricted cooperation

Invite your trades, subcontractors and partners for free and simplify collaboration and communication.

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Personal contact

Whether you have questions or need advice to optimize your processes - we are there for you at no extra cost. By phone, email or chat.

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What our customers say

The software can also be easily used by craftsmen and construction workers who still have difficulties with the German language, or do not have IT training.

Rene Capterra

Rene, architect


For us, the access of several participants to an always up-to-date construction project is crucial. The areas of construction documentation and defect organization in particular are quite well set up and simplify the site manager's life enormously.

Peter Capterra

Peter, Site Manager


The Jour-Fix function finally created transparency in our projects. Through the ticket system, we create a comprehensible distribution of tasks between all project participants in the overall project. The rework of site visits has been reduced to an absolute minimum.

Kim Boris

Kim Boris, architect


Capmo is a real blessing for us as a company that always wants to stay up to date, both on the construction site and in the office. We now handle almost all communication with architects and contractors via Capmo. I would choose Capmo again at any time, because the support is immediately available when needed, the software is constantly being further developed and, in short, it makes our daily work so much easier that the documentation on the construction site is no longer a time-consuming task.

Capterra Johannes F

Johannes F, Site Manager


Very good construction app and programme, extremely time-saving and easy to use, good interaction with interior design and construction management as well as the tradesmen, there is no easier way to carry out dockumentation on the construction site.

Mr Schramm

Mr Schramm


The platform is user-friendly and almost self-explanatory. The introduction to our existing team, which works decentrally throughout Germany, has implemented many projects in Capmo without major teething problems. Beyond our expectation, even the interaction with external parties was solved quickly without much difficulty. Good platform for handling operations, tasks and documentation of construction processes.

Daniel W

Daniel W, Managing Director


Flexible planning software for the construction site, plans can be opened easily and quickly on the mobile phone, tickets can be created and distributed quickly, and it is also great that you can upload unlimited plans.

Paul Neuburger

Paul Neuburger


Innovative, intuitive and clear. We have been using the programme for a long time and through constant improvement, close contact with the developers, the programme develops and lives. Of course, at the beginning we always have to be a bit cautious and think about how to use what, how and why, but the work and the exchange among colleagues promotes documentation and clarity. As a project manager, I am happy to receive digital support that helps me and my colleagues.

Wolfi 1 appstore

Wolfi 1, Project Manager


Absolutely recommendable. A system that is always being further developed. Suggestions and proposals for improvement from the field are implemented promptly.

Florian Stanka

Florian Stanka


great product... frees your mind and gives you more time and quality of life... great the constant further development and the fact that wishes are taken on board... always fast and uncomplicated processing... thanks to the whole team...
>>> to further good cooperation...

greb. general planner

greb. general planner


Intuitive and fast
We have been using the app for some time. It is constantly being improved and expanded.
But everything remains very clear and fast and, above all, device-independent.
The ticket reports in particular are a real added value. Absolutely recommendable.

KF68165 appstore



I can highly recommend Capmo. Over the last year, the product has developed tremendously and is very stable. I am especially pleased that my feedback is taken seriously and implemented by the great contacts in customer support. It is precisely because of the good support and the constant product development that I feel very comfortable with Capmo. Keep it up!

Katja Elkhanova

Katja Elkhanova


Capmo has become an indispensable tool for me in my daily work! The possibilities offered are 100% tailored to the requirements of the construction site.
Highly recommended to all those who want to get a grip on their image chaos on their mobile phone and bring structure to their processes!

Gregor Bierzynski

Gregor Bierzynski


Very good app for quick recording and communication of construction-specific tasks. The development department is constantly working on improvements and further development - chapeau!

Klaus Couples

Klaus Couples


I use the product for daily construction documentation. Before the start of construction, mainly for determining the condition, later for the construction diary, tracking defects and for documenting damage and supplements. You can zoom into the plans and be sure that you always have the latest version. We have now equipped the whole architectural office. I was a bit hesitant at the beginning, but Capmo caught on immediately and everyone enjoys working with it. I can highly recommend Capmo as a professional digital tool.

Lukas Klameth

Lukas Klameth


Data-driven work is now finally also possible in construction. Great company and product. I have been familiar with the product for a year now and it has become the most stable and established provider for me. Keep it up! I am also looking forward to the next great Cx3 events.

Nicolas Gehring

Nicolas Gehring


A promising young company with an exciting approach to technology. I now use the product daily on all my projects.

Günther Hommels

Günther Hommels


Capmo is ready to use within minutes - for you and all your partners

Projects are created with just a few clicks

Setup and operation are understandable for all


Trades & partners are included free of charge

No means of payment necessary - Ends automatically