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Capmo is the most intuitive solution for the construction and real estate industry, helping you complete your project on time and budget.

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The digital partner at your side

With Capmo, you are not only choosing a digital solution for successful planning and construction: You also secure a digital partner who accompanies you in the digitalization of your company. From the first day to the finished project, your personal contact person is at your side and ensures that you build successfully digitally.

As simple as your smartphone

To help you get started digitally, Capmo is as intuitive and easy to use as your smartphone. You need neither previous knowledge, nor lengthy training or long familiarization periods to be able to use the software. Download, log in and get started - digitization in construction can be so easy!


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Finally easy planning! Save precious time and reduce errors.

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That's why professionals build digitally

Work mobile & end duplicate work

Put an end to hours of rework in the office: stop your double work in the office and secure your end of the day.

Legally compliant & efficient construction

Efficiency in the construction process, legal certainty in the warranty: with Capmo you build quickly and safely.

Reduce misunderstandings

Save yourself complicated coordination via e-mail, telephone and WhatsApp and work together digitally in your construction software.

The features you need

With practical features, Capmo simplifies your everyday work on the construction site & in the office.

The features you need

With practical features, Capmo simplifies your everyday work on the construction site & in the office.

Digital construction plans

Lugging heavy binders is a thing of the past: work with digital blueprints and enable real-time digital collaboration.

Digital construction scheduling

With Capmo's construction schedule, you have a program at your side that helps you save valuable time and plan error-free.

Mobile construction diary

Don't forget any more daily construction reports: You can keep your digital construction diary quickly and easily on the construction site.

Digital control of construction processes

From construction acceptance to defect management: Capmo supports you in all construction processes with its flexible ticket system.

What you can do with Capmo

One construction software for all processes.

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Digital success stories of our


"Capmo brings more unanimity to the construction site. All parties involved have the documents in their pocket at a glance - always up-to-date. This saves time and misunderstandings!"

Rene Kunze

Site Manager

Public construction

"Capmo is an extreme relief for our site managers, as we can handle correspondence digitally faster. In addition, we work with Capmo in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way - as should be standard for modern construction sites!"

Stephan Nieß

Site Manager

Commercial building

"Capmo saves us work in the office and the tedious typing of countless documents. For our site managers, this means less time in the office and more time on site for the essentials!"

Sebastian Zinner

Managing Director


"Campo is finally a solution that we actually use on our construction sites. Instead of a complex specialized application that no one knows how to use, Capmo is intuitive and easy to use."

Falk Hartmann

Managing Director


What's Capmo?

Capmo is the most intuitive software for construction and real estate companies. With linked mobile and web app, you can use the construction software to digitize your processes on the construction site and in the office. Construction productivity is improved, misunderstandings are reduced and the construction project becomes a success.

What do I get out of Capmo?

Thanks to the digital way of working, construction managers, architects, project managers, developers and contractors save time and effort in their daily work and complete their construction projects in a time- and cost-efficient manner. Our customers save an average of 60% time and paper, 20% e-mails and phone calls and benefit from digital construction documentation for legal issues.

What can I do with Capmo?

With Capmo you can plan & build digitally: From construction documentation and defect management to task management and communication on site, you can handle all construction processes centrally in one app.

What makes Capmo different from other providers?

Capmo is more than just a construction software: Capmo is your digital partner on your side. Our app for construction managers, architects, project managers and builders is so simple and intuitive that it can be used without any technical knowledge or prior experience. If you have any questions, your personal contact person will always be at your side.

Who all can work with Capmo?

From architects, site managers, project managers and subcontractors to managing directors, builders, property developers and project developers: Capmo simplifies the day-to-day work of all professionals involved in construction. Benefit from mobile construction documentation, digital defect management and simplified project management on the construction site with the number 1 construction app.

What size of company is Capmo suitable for?

Capmo can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of all company sizes. Over 300 companies from 3 to over 500 employees already rely on our intuitive construction software and benefit from digital processes on the construction site and in the office.

Why should I go through with Capmo now?

The future of construction is digital. And digital construction companies are the future. Equip your business now with Capmo and ensure your company’s success with the most intuitive construction software on the market.

How do I introduce Capmo?

Once you have chosen Capmo, our digitization consultants will introduce you to the software in a personal onboarding session. Capmo is so simple and intuitive that you can get started right away.

How can I work with my subcontractors?

You can invite your subcontractors to your project as participants free of charge. So it’s not just site managers, architects, project managers and managing directors of companies in the construction industry who benefit from digital construction documentation in Capmo: your entire project team benefits from the digital construction site.

Can I buy the software once?

Capmo is a cloud-based software on a license basis. To ensure that you benefit immediately from new features and updates, Capmo follows a monthly licensing model.

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