Voices of Capmo: Maria Maximino, VP People & Organization

12, 2022

1:17 pm

Voices of Capmo_Maria

Would you know how to lead a headcount growth from 80 to 700 employees in 5 years? Maria does! After this exciting experience at a Berlin Grown-Up she and her dog Coco exchanged their Berlin Kiez with the Bavarian mountains and joined Capmo to change the world. Here is why – and what she is up to.

Hey Maria, how was your breakfast this morning?

Maria: Despite the fact that we have an equipped breakfast bar, I have to admit that I do not eat breakfast. I just had an earl gray tea. I prefer to kick off my day by having some focus time for reading messages, organizing and planning tasks right in the morning.

Sounds like you kickstart your days.

Maria: Pretty much, yes. I start my day either with a morning walk with my dog (a wiener dog, called Coco) or a sports session in the park.

How does a typical week of yours look like?

Maria: Thanks to our #CapmoWorkFlex policy we can decide individually when and where we work. For me this means office days twice per week. Most importantly to have lunch and 1:1s with my team and peers.

Why did you choose to join Capmo?

Maria: First to mention is the very cool product. Do you know this feeling, when you see a product and just think: it makes so much sense? I had this feeling with Capmo. And who doesn’t want to change the world? 

Secondly, I get the chance to work with smart, passionate and very lovely people. This, I noticed during my interview process already. The founder and investor team were my first touch points with Capmo and one of the reasons I joined the company. 

Thirdly, I just like working in a startup. After working for international corporations or a public institution I worked in a Berlin Start Up and just loved it. Building a team from scratch and having the chance to bring in my learnings from my former jobs motivates me everyday.

What makes your team special?

Maria: We are a diverse team full of energy, we just like what we are doing and are driven by our passion. You can feel this in our team spirit – and see it in our results that speak for themselves. Additionally, we rate mutual enablement high: We empower each other in the team but also our candidates and hiring managers. And last but not least we really enjoy working together and have lots of fun as a team.

Maria Maximino

„Our team mission is to enable Capmo’s growth by being a valuable partner and guaranteeing extraordinary people experience for both employees and candidates.“

What are your plans for 2022?

Maria: Our team mission is to enable Capmo’s growth by being a valuable partner and guaranteeing extraordinary people experience for both employees and candidates. And that is basically what we will continue next year – just on a larger scale. As the people team, we have quite ambitious goals for 2022: We want to double our headcount. Therefore we want to embrace our beloved Capmo culture, even more, to make sure we’re keeping it while hiring and onboarding 10 people a month. 

For me, hiring is top priority: We already have a gorgeous people team with 10 amazing colleagues and support from freelancers, but we are looking for more 😉 So if you are looking for a new challenge.. Hit me up!

What should I bring to the table to join your team?

Maria: Besides experience and passion for people topics we are looking for

And why should the perfect candidate choose your team over others?

Maria: If you are looking for an entrepreneurial environment, without micro-management, but with a great team spirit and a strong sense of purpose (the people team contributes a major part to our growth plan this year and beyond) – we are the right team for you :)!

And not to forget: We love Nutella biscuits and we are dog friendly.

Maria is hiring! Take your career to the next level with us!

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