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Voices of Capmo: Kevin Moebius, Inbound Sales Representative

Kevin is working at Capmo as an Inbound Sales Development Representative. He is a true Bavarian. Born and raised in and around Munich. So of course, he likes being outdoors: especially hiking in the alps or playing beach volleyball. In case you haven't read between the lines about how athletic Kevin is: He also used to play American football for a local team as a linebacker and captain. Tackling problems, being a role model and team player is something he picked up in sports and what he’s living up to at Capmo every day.

Let’s start with a fun question: What does your perfect workday at Capmo look like?

Kevin: My perfect workday does contain very good conversations with potential customers. For me as an Inbound Sales Development Representative (SDR) this means getting high-quality leads into my pipeline, and qualifying a lot of those leads into the Account Executives pipelines. Also, I like being in the office and joking around here and there with my colleagues. If you’re working in Sales, you have to push each other and also stand together in tough times. And let me tell you: there will be tough times. It’s Sales! I like hanging out together at lunchtime and the best way to get my head out of work in the evening is a good workout! Sometimes I’ll even meet some of the other Capmos at a BEAT81 workout.

Sounds good! And what  does an actual “day in the life of an SDR” look like?

Kevin: A typical day looks like that: You have certain numbers you have to hit. If you don’t bring the excitement to talk to potential customers, often completely cold, and don’t track your progress, you won’t last too long in an SDR job. Calling clients and leads is our daily business. But convincing somebody about the solution you have in place for them, hearing them get excited about what it could solve, that just brings pure joy to me. When or where you talk to customers is up to you. Sales is and always will be a numbers game, so if you invest in it, you will succeed! Besides that, we probably have a meeting about strategy, getting involved into further developing our business or making processes more efficient.

Well, that doesn't sound so different! Why did you choose to work at Capmo in the first place?

Kevin: I really clicked with the values that were presented to me and the whole hiring process was so transparent, open and honest - it just felt right from the first minute. Also, once you understand our industry and the product you can really understand that we don’t just sell anything but help people be more efficient at what they do. It is a valuable upgrade to their workflows and buys them the most essential thing we have - time.

You said that beautifully and I couldn’t agree more. What do you like best about Capmo?

Kevin: Meeting amazing people - I really am inspired every time I stop by in the kitchen to chat with my colleagues. No matter what topic, work-related or not, we have a lot of smart people on board that bring so much to the table. It never gets boring. Also, there is a lot of drive within the company. We are all striving toward winning this market with all we can offer, from developing a killer product to selling it in a professional way.

Give us some tea! What challenges did you face in the early days at Capmo?

Kevin: It is still a start-up! Things won’t go as planned, we do have some hiccups here and there and this requires us to stay open-minded, flexible, and versatile in the way we perceive our work and what we try to achieve. Besides that, you always need some time to find yourself in a new environment. At Capmo, many of us are not from the construction industry so you have to learn a whole new industry - how they operate, what challenges they face, and so on. Additionally, you have to understand our product: What pains do we solve? How do we solve them and who is our target group?

Kevin Moebius Capmo
„We are very diverse, yet so inclusive. No one gets left behind and everybody will always have a place in this group. This also inspires me to always review my techniques from different angles since everybody has a different style interacting with our customers and it shows that there are many ways towards being successful.“

Agreed. And what is your favorite part about your job?

Kevin: Professionally, really solving a problem for people that are desperately overworked and stressed out. Also, help finish more projects in time.

Personally, coming to the office and feeling that drive of all of us coming together to tackle that one task: Making Capmo the next big thing!

Yeah! That’s the spirit! Tell us a little bit more about the Sales Team.

Kevin: We are very diverse, yet so inclusive. No one gets left behind and everybody will always have a place in this group. This also inspires me to always review my techniques from different angles since everybody has a different style of interacting with our customers and it shows that there are many ways towards being successful.

It really is a place to grow personally, where you can experience a steep learning curve and contribute to the company in a lot of ways. You are seen as a valuable asset from day 1 and will be integrated into our team within seconds. We are bonding over the mindset and don’t bother ourselves with big egos.

What does collaboration look like in your team?

Kevin: We are constantly evolving our process, so each week is different from the one before. We all want to achieve our quotas and deliver a high standard of work, for the company as well as for us personally.

We like sharing best practices and getting better at what we do each day!

We work very closely together with the Account Executive team, as we have to go hand in hand to deliver a top-level experience for potential customers. If you stumble upon problems, everyone is open to talking about it and of course, you can always come to the people team if you have something on your mind.

We have weekly or bi-weekly meetings with different departments like marketing or product & engineering to keep us updated on where we stand and what awaits us.

You just mentioned the Account Executive team. How do you work together?

Kevin: We have to work closely together to achieve our goals since we are dependent on each other. We do the qualification, get all the important information from our leads on how their workflows look and what pains they have.

We as SDs then hand over to the AEs who try to close the deal by figuring out the metrics (eg. how much will the lead spend to solve his issues).

If the qualification is not good, we set up our AEs for failure. On the other hand, if the qualification is top notch, we make the AEs life a lot easier and hence profit both from the good process. I’m trying to always feedback with the AEs on how to constantly improve our processes and give customers a smooth experience. It’s a two way road to success!

Thank you so much for all of the insights! Now, our Sales Team is still growing. Why should the reader of this interview apply to Capmo today?

Kevin: If you can identify yourself with ambition, sales drive, and passion for solving a real problem, you are definitely at the right place. Capmo is a special place to work - the product, the vision, the chance to disrupt one of the biggest industries of Germany and Europe at the exact right time, the people that have gathered to master this goal together.

We welcome everybody, no matter what background. You don’t have to be a specialist in IT or construction, but we will make you one! Together, this company will take huge steps in the coming times, and right now is the chance to participate in something big!

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