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Meet the Engineers: Guillermo Moraleda, Senior iOS Engineer

Meet Guillermo, our Senior iOS Engineer, or as we like to call him: Gui! Before he joined us back in October Gui was already working in the mobile applications field, solving a very different problem though. He used to build a medical product to treat certain physical conditions. At Capmo he’s working on building a native iOS app from scratch.

Let’s start from the beginning, Gui. Why did you decide to work as an engineer?

Gui: If I’m being honest: I never had a calling. I like being around computers and I like solving problems. So I guess an engineering degree ticked both boxes. If you haven’t discovered your passion, choosing an engineering career is a very pragmatic decision.

Fair enough!

Gui: I started my career in the project management and audit fields, and I slowly made my way into software engineering. Now I love building mobile applications, the community around it, and the sense of accomplishment when you fix a problem.

And now you ended up at Capmo! What makes working here so special?

Gui: It’s all about the people. In my ten years career, I didn’t encounter such a highly focused and motivated team. But working at startups can be a double-edged sword. You get to leave your fingerprints all over the place - which is super exciting -  however, it can get very frustrating when the company starts to grow, too. At the moment Capmo has all the advantages to offer. And so far we are doing an excellent job on keeping the spirit! Things will break. We will fix them.

You keep Capmo running! I'm sure you had no trouble finding a job - great engineers are in high demand! So why Capmo?

Gui: Construction was (and still is) a very new field for me. The challenge of building an application that is able to function in a hostile environment (e.g. remote areas and poor connectivity) sounded super interesting to me. I also had some insights from a friend about the culture and values at Capmo, which I was just able to confirm during the interview process.

The spirit at Capmo has to be my favorite thing! Tell us a little bit about your team!

Gui: The mobile team is pretty young so it feels like a brand new bike. After a couple of rides, you need to do some adjustments here and there. But we live by our values and give constant feedback to each other. Which makes this process way smoother.

What are the topics you are working on?

Gui: We are currently building native iOS and Android apps from scratch. We are taking the current product as inspiration and porting its features to the respective native platform. Our app is serving our customers excellently (kudos to the colleagues that built and maintained it), but we want to provide a best-in-class experience to our customers. That can only be achieved if we go native.

We’ve been talking about fixing issues earlier. Tell us, what was the biggest challenge you've worked on so far?  

Gui: Working on an offline-first app was new to me. There are many architectural decisions that need to be made when you know that our customers might be underground on a construction site or in a remote area where connectivity is not given. It forces us to reevaluate the decisions we make over and over. So this is definitely an ongoing challenge too! Luckily we were able to build up a lot of knowledge over the past years and we are applying that to every new project.

Last question: What do you do in your free time for fun?

Gui: Free time? 404 Not Found. Just kidding (partially). I’m based in Munich and I love being outdoors. So hiking, skiing, road cycling…. Now that I am a father of two, I’m trying to bring that love to my daughters. Not always easy when you have to carry 10+ kilos on your back 😅.

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