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Flexible ticket system

Do you need hours every day for filing and transferring data? With the ticket system, you can not only easily coordinate tasks and defects, but also effectively regulate and record supplements, acceptances and much more.

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Document all processes quickly & completely



Full transparency in the construction process: All processes stored in Capmo are 100% traceable.


One info on the notepad, the other in the email? With the Capmo Ticket System you store all information in one place.

double work

Reach your goal faster: Document completely on the spot and don't let annoying intermediate steps hold you back.


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All info in one place

Upload blueprints and locate tickets

Load your construction plans into the system and locate the ticket on them. That way, everyone knows where to look for what. A ticket can be many things: Task, defect, builder's request, acceptance and much more.

Record text via dictation function

Speak your information conveniently into the system via voice memo, so that the information intake is even faster.

Successful cooperation

Free integration of project partners

Invite your project partners to Capmo free of charge and simply work together successfully.

Ticket-based communication

Communicate on a specific process directly in Capmo so that everyone knows what needs to be done and where.

Progress always in view

Monitor status

Keep an overview: You can see exactly whether a ticket has already been completed, is currently being processed or is still open.

Create reports with one click

️Instead of laboriously formatting documents, create reports with Capmo with one click.

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"With the ticket system, the information gathering is incidental and there is more time for the details."

Grigory Budnizkiy

Innovations manager

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