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"Capmo brings more unanimity to the construction site. All parties involved have the documents in their pocket at a glance - always up-to-date. This saves time and misunderstandings!"

Rene Kunze

Site Manager

Public construction

"Capmo is an extreme relief for our site managers, as we can handle correspondence digitally faster. In addition, we work with Capmo in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way - as should be standard for modern construction sites!"

Stephan Nieß

Site Manager

Commercial building

"Capmo saves us work in the office and the tedious typing of countless documents. For our site managers, this means less time in the office and more time on site for the essentials!"

Sebastian Zinner

Managing Director


"Campo is finally a solution that we actually use on our construction sites. Instead of a complex specialized application that no one knows how to use, Capmo is intuitive and easy to use."

Falk Hartmann

Managing Director

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