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Clear preparation

With Capmo, you always have all the information at hand during the preparation phase and save valuable time.

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Heavy binders are a thing of the past: with Capmo you have all your information digitally in your pocket and always at hand.

Everything in one place

Searching forever for construction data? With Capmo you store all the info in one place and find what you need quickly.


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einem Ort

Lists at the click of a button and mobile data recording: with Capmo you free yourself from tedious duplicate work and use your time wisely.

Site visit

With the Ticket system from Capmo, you have all the information at hand during the site visit.


During the inventory, keep information such as photos and notes with the Ticket system quickly and easily.

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Framework schedule

With the Construction schedule from Capmo, you can create a framework schedule quickly and easily so that you always have an overview of all deadlines.

Task management

Keep an overview of your tasks with the Ticket system from Capmo.

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"Campo is finally a solution that we actually use actually use consistently on our construction sites. Instead of a complex special application that requires extensive training - which is not accepted by the construction companies as co-users - Capmo is more intuitive and easy to use."

Falk Hartmann

Managing Director

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