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One software for all construction processes

Capmo is the intuitive solution for your construction project and helps you increase your efficiency on the construction site and in the office.

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How Capmo makes your work easier


Personal contact

We place great emphasis on customer service. Your personal contact is always available to help you get started with our product. Without additional costs.


Secure data storage

We store your data exclusively on ISO 27001 certified servers in Germany. Online banks also work according to this standard.


Easy handling

How Capmo makes your work easier All functions are intuitive to use and do not require long training.

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Flexible ticket system


The ticket system not only enables you to document your construction process quickly and easily: thanks to the wide range of options, you can also coordinate tasks and defects, keep an eye on deadlines and coordinate with your partners.

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Areas of application of the ticket system:

Automated construction diary

With Capmo you can create your construction diary quickly and easily, whether in the office or on the construction site. Practical functions such as automatic retrieval of weather data, or sending exports allow you to work even more effectively.

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Areas of application of the construction diary:

Intuitive construction schedule

With Capmo's construction schedule you can finally plan easily. With all times and deadlines in view, you can make decisions with foresight and recognize critical time overruns at an early stage. Save time and finally plan error-free!

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Areas of application of the construction schedule:

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Always up to date plans

With Capmo's plan management, you and your partner companies always work with the latest plan status. Load your construction plans into the system and locate tickets in exactly the right place. That way, you and your partners know exactly where to find a defect or notice. Need to update your construction plan? No problem! All entered data is automatically transferred.

Successful cooperation

With Capmo you manage not only all processes but also all partners in one place. Invite your partner companies and work colleagues to a project free of charge and work together on your construction project. Not only does this make task management easier, it also facilitates communication between you.

Progress always in view

With the project overview, you can see the progress of your construction project at a glance. Where are tasks still open and which deadlines have already been exceeded? With this knowledge, you can intervene in time and prevent delays.

Custom templates according to your wishes

Let Capmo customize reports according to individual wishes and VOB-compliant criteria. This way, you simplify your work processes and ensure that all the information that is important to you is included in every export.

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Zausinger GmbH & Co. KG

"Our staff creates tickets in <1 minute. That's a 75% time savings per issue."

Rene Breyer

Zausinger GmbH & Co. KG

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Functions that make your work easier



Your project dashboard lets you keep an eye on the status of your construction project.


Project overview

Keep track of your projects on a clear platform.

Role assignment

Assign roles with individual rights to your partners.


Protocols & Reports

Create legally compliant reports and logs in just a few clicks.


Digital documents

Work with digital plans & documents and reduce your paper consumption.


Plan versioning

Only the latest construction plan is stored in Capmo, so all project participants are guaranteed to be working with the correct plan status.



You will be informed immediately about any changes in your construction project.


Construction diary

No more clues get lost in your digital construction diary. Capmo automatically inserts recurring information and the weather.


Photo location

Precisely located in the digital construction plan. You can easily find hints and defects again.


Task management

Assign tasks including all information, photo and deadline to the respective trade. That way, everyone knows what needs to be done.


Teilnehmer einladen

Invite participants


In-App Comments

Record queries, additions or comments on a process directly in a comment in the ticket. This way, you have all communication in one place.


Data security

We store your data exclusively on ISO 27001 certified servers in Germany.


Automatic synchronization

All the information you record on the construction site is immediately available in the office.


Can be used offline

Capmo is ready to use at any time, even without a data connection.

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