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More productivity in the office

Capmo helps you keep track of your office and complete your construction projects successfully & cost-effectively.

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Keep an eye on your construction projects!

Keeping track of many projects is not that easy. With practical dashboards and structured overviews, Capmo ensures that you keep an eye on all projects and successfully manage your partners. This enables you to identify any need for action at an early stage and to complete your construction projects on time.


With your project dashboard, you can see at a glance where deadlines are looming.

Absolute transparency

Fully informed despite spatial separation: Thanks to the Capmo project overview you keep the overview.

Build data based

Capmo shows your project progress in practical dashboards so that you can identify any need for action at an early stage.

Digital construction scheduling

Capmo simplifies your construction scheduling with clever functions - simple & intuitive.

Save time

With Capmo you can save valuable time: Use the clever filter functions to get a quick overview.

Minimize errors

Change times directly in the Gantt chart and search for links via logical word search: with Capmo you reduce errors.

Become a digital construction professional!

Role Assignment

Assign roles with individual rights to your partners. Your builder can also be there live as an observer.

All on board

To make collaboration work, Capmo brings your stakeholders together digitally in one program.

principal on board

You can bring your client into the project as an observer so that they are always up to date.

Reports at a click

With Capmo, you can generate professional construction records and daily reports at the click of a mouse.

Professionally formatted

Capmo formats your reports automatically so you save time and make a good impression.

At the touch of a button

You can export your protocols and reports at the push of a button and forward them to the responsible persons.

What you can do with Capmo

Capmo supports you with practical functions in your office work.

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