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More efficiency on the construction site

Clipboard & Excel were yesterday! With Capmo you reduce your paperwork on the construction site and work successfully & efficiently.

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Reduce your double work on the construction site!

Capmo simplifies your processes on the construction site, so you can save time & effort and concentrate on the essentials. Instead of first recording information on the construction site and then digitizing it, you complete your tasks with Capmo directly on site. For more efficiency and less duplication of work!

Digital plans & documents

Put an end to paperwork: Work with digital plans & documents and reduce your paper consumption.

Less paper

Thanks to digital plans and documents, you reduce your paper consumption and work in a resource-saving way.

save time

Since you can complete every work step on the move, you save valuable time on the construction site.

Plan versioning

Only the latest construction plan is stored in Capmo, so that all project participants are guaranteed to be working with the correct plan status.

Communicate successfully

Real-time collaboration, all information in one place: with Capmo you communicate efficiently.

Reduce queries

Since all procedures are fully documented, you reduce misunderstandings on the construction site.

Become a digital construction professional!

Intelligent construction diary

No more clues are lost in your digital construction diary. Capmo automatically inserts recurring information and the weather.

Document completely

From photos to conversation notes, all information is stored in your digital construction diary.

No more double work

With Capmo you create your construction diary directly on the construction site and save the annoying rework in the office.

Location of photos

Precisely located in the digital construction plan, you can easily find references and defects.

Retrieve clues

Exactly located in the digital construction plan, your partners will easily find defects and references.

Save in a structured way

Tedious photo storage is a thing of the past: Capmo stores your photos in the ticket so you can find them safely.

What you can do with Capmo

Reduce your paperwork on the construction site and simplify your daily work with Capmo.

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