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Capmo for architectural firms

As an architect, keeping track of all construction projects requires a lot of time and paperwork. Capmo is an app for architects that makes your construction documentation easier - simply and intuitively.

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Digital collaboration

Real-time collaboration

Work digitally with your project partners and reduce construction misunderstandings. In Capmo, all information is stored centrally in one place and is always at hand for everyone involved. Clearances are done with a click and for queries leave a comment in the app.
For example, the architectural firm Knapp | Kubitza Architekten benefits from digital collaboration.
Complete & comprehensible

Plan & build legally compliant

With Capmo you are on the safe side during warranty: Your digital documentation is stored completely and traceably in one place. Search and filter functions make it possible to find processes even after the construction project has been successfully completed. So you always have an answer ready in case of liability questions!
Read how the engineering office Timmer Reichel builds legally secure with Capmo.
Transparency on the construction site & in the office

Keep the overview

Architects rarely manage just one construction project: Capmo helps you keep track of multiple projects. In the project overview you can see all your projects at a glance; administrators can also view all projects of their own company. For full transparency on the construction site and in the office.
Tucher Beratende Ingenieure Projektmanagement GmbH & CO. KG also maintains an overview with Capmo.

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Capmo for architectural firms

This is how architects and owners of architectural practices benefit from Capmo.

Capmo for architectural firms

This is how architects and owners of architectural practices benefit from Capmo.

Professional reports

Create legally compliant as well as professionally formatted reports & logs in just a few clicks.

Project management

Time, costs and quality: with Capmo you have your construction project under control.

Construction scheduling

With Capmo's construction schedule, you have a program at your side that helps you save valuable time and plan error-free.

Plan Management

No more chaos with plan statuses: With Capmo, your partners are guaranteed to work with the current construction plan.

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