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Voices of Capmo: Marcos Perdigão, Senior Talent Acquistion Manager

Get to know Marcos, our first ever employee in the Talent Team! If you’ve ever had an interview with Marcos, you know he has the best video call set-up of anyone at Capmo! Besides his Pokémon & Dragon Ball plush toy collection you can look forward to a sound effect board among other things. By now it should have come across what a funny guy he is. But now: Let’s talk to him ourselves!

Hi Marcos, how long have you been on board?

Marcos: I joined Capmo last year in March as the first colleague in today’s people team. Apart from being a recruiter, I also got a good side, being a husband to my lovely wife, Erika – actually celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary in April, and dad to my wonderful princess Jasmin.

Starting from the beginning: How do you start the day?

Marcos: Turn off my alarm and watch some TikToks before getting out of bed. Afterwards I do some exercise at home, followed by coffee and a nutritious breakfast, prepared by my wife and then take a shower.

Mhmmm… breakfast! What happens on a typical working day after having some cream cheese bagels?

Marcos: First, I go use the restroom.. hahah. Afterwards, I get to my office and more often than not, start my day by going through some mails and LinkedIn messages. After this rather consistent routine, my days are extremely diversified as no day is like the other, mostly because it’s structured around and by our candidates with interviews, feedback calls and if all went well, offer and negotiation chats too!

Sounds fun to have such a varied work day!

Marcos: Yes, I love the flexibility and freedom Capmo offers me! What matters at Capmo is getting the job done. It’s less about where or when you do your work, and more about its quality. As a parent, time spent with my family is one of the most important things and I love that Capmo is enabling me to schedule and plan my days as I see fit.

Which brings us to planning. What are your plans for the next year at Capmo?

Marcos: As we have very ambitious hiring targets this year, my goal is to achieve them and to build a best in class Product & Engineering Team together with my colleagues.

„Although this might be a cliche, I love everything about my job as Talent Acquisition Manager. There’s nothing like the thrill of a candidate’s enthusiastic “yes!” to an offer, and an equally pleased hiring manager who just landed a top performer.“

What are you looking for in the perfect candidate?

Marcos: Right now one of our bigger needs is seniority, we need colleagues who can come in and hit the ground running. Being a senior means more than just years of experience, at Capmo, we’re looking for colleagues with the right mindset and values.

Without the Talent Acquisition Team, we wouldn’t have all these great employees at Capmo! What do you like most about your team?

Marcos: The cohesion in my team is extraordinary – we always support each other to achieve our goals. We can have a lot of fun together and most meetings are full of laughter too. I also know that I can always rely on my teammates and I am very grateful for that.

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