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Voices of Capmo: Julia Graiss, Small Business Programm Account Executive

Meet Julia our Small Business Programm Account Executive and “waschechtes Münchner Kindl”. During the months she can’t visit Oktoberfest, Julia loves to spend her time with good food, playing board games, playing poker and having a good cup of coffee! Here is what she is up to at Capmo.

Good morning Julia, how do you start your work day?

Julia: There are two different options, varying if I work from home or the office. For office days it looks something like this: Getting up, getting ready, then recognizing that I am running late, downing a cup of coffee and then rushing to the office ;). Or when I work from home: Getting up, not getting ready, having enough time to enjoy my coffee and start working with a turned off camera in meetings ;).

Coffee is important, I see. What does your daily work look like?

Julia: Well, the perfect work day includes winning new potential customers to help our business grow, while still having enough time to enjoy coffee breaks with co-workers in the kitchen or on our nice patio. My usual day consists of checking my mails, having calls with customers and selling our solution. In between – especially when working from home-  it is important for me to touch base with my co-workers and have at least a virtual chat or coffee date. On the days I am working from home I use my lunch break to go on a run at the Isar right across my place.

Sounds good! Why did you decide to join Capmo?

Julia: I love the whole hands on and learn fast mentality. It is great to have a direct impact, being able to shape structures and processes in a fast growing environment. Also it is great to see the team living up to our values and what capmo stands for.

What are your plans for the next year?

Julia: Actually a lot: I am looking forward to professional growth and tackling new challenges, as well as collecting more great moments and fun after works with my team. Besides from that I want to continue to keep on helping digitize the construction industry. And last but not least: hopefully “Capmo-Wiesn” ;)!

Seems like you’re always having fun with your team. What makes working with other Capmos so special?

Julia: The Team cohesion is great! Everybody is super supportive and there is no such thing as an elbow mentality. It is super fun working with everybody but we’re also super productive as a team and get things done! Some of my colleagues also became my friends – that says it all :)!

„The best team spirit I have ever experienced. I really appreciate the fast-growing environment and room for personal growth. And I love talking to customers and helping to make the hard things in construction feel easy.“

After hearing about the great team spirit I am sure a lot of people are interested in joining. What should the perfect new team member bring to the table?

Julia: Definitely drive. Also being outgoing, communicative, flexible, a teamplayer (of course) and being able to laugh about poor jokes as well (or at least pretend) ;).

Other than the team spirit. Why should the reader stop reading now and apply immediately?

Julia: Perfect timing! Capmo is in a super interesting stage right now and offers a lot of possibilities for personal and professional growth. It is great being part of and having direct impact on Capmo’s success story (and of course also writing your own).

Sold! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Julia: Everything I said in this interview is true ;)!

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