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Building the Small Business Customer Program, Jana Taendler

Meet Jana! Most days she’s cycling to work, and listens to podcasts or music in the morning. In the office, you will meet her in the kitchen to get some coffee. During her working day as Small Business Program Account Executive Jana is going back and forth from first touch calls to final negotiations. In her free time, you can find her in the theater or the opera! And there’s something else that makes her very special for Capmo - she introduced her own business case to us! But let’s start from the beginning.

Hello Jana, nice to talk to you!  Imagine your picture-perfect workday, what would it look like?

Jana: Having a productive day with high activities and promising conversations with Leads But also fun moments with my team in the office and maybe a peer interview with a candidate or coffee chat with a colleague abroad is the best work day for me.

And what’s your favorite part about working at Capmo?

Jana: That you own your path! It's important to me to be in charge of my professional and personal development. That's why I had the chance to take responsibility for my own business case: the Small Business Customer Project.

Exciting! Tell us a little bit about it!

Jana: With the small business project I take responsibility for the whole sales cycle from the first touch point to Product demos and c-level negotiation, closing, and handover to customer success.

But then, you've been with Capmo for a while. Tell us about your career here!

Jana: Starting as an Inbound Sales Representative I constantly developed new skills. Through that, I had the chance to hit my targets faster. Therefore I could take extra time for additional tasks such as peer interviews with candidates or onboard new colleagues. Soon after the promotion to Senior Inbound Sales Representative, I received the opportunity to oversee a new project, the Small Business Customer Project! This also was my biggest challenge at Capmo - having to develop an own process for the Small Business Customers and now that’s an own department!

Wow, that’s so cool! That must be your favorite experience with Capmo so far!

Jana: Yes, seeing how other teams like Marketing and Customer Success all closely worked together to support me with the landing page and onboarding for a project that was at the beginning nothing more than a pilot. It was amazing to have not only colleagues, but team leads put their trust in me and have them consult me about my experiences and opinions with the Small Business Customer Project. Getting positive feedback from product leads or customer success about happy new customers I closed is my favorite thing!

Let’s dive in and talk more about the Small Business Customer Program with Mariam (Team Lead Account Executive) and Michael Baur (former Team Lead Sales Development)!

Why did you start the program?

Mariam: Small business customers must be treated differently from the bigger customers. Therefore we needed a Sales Representative, who understands not only the market but also the customers' needs. The process needs to be easy and efficient for us but even more for the customers to get in touch. Jana had a wide understanding of the customer, she’s open-minded toward every customer’s problem and supports their individual needs. She wanted to develop in her role anyways and has had enough structure to build up the new process and enough endurance to try different strategies until she found the best approach to close. As a team lead I don't have to try to find a process, but can rely on Jana and see her as a go-to person when it comes to the Small Business Program.

How is the project going so far?

Mariam: Trying out new things can only cause positive effects as one gains new experiences. In the small business project, we learned how we can offer the benefits of our product to a wider audience with a shorter process: a win-win situation. On top of that, one can not ignore Jana’s development. Through her ambition, she proved that small business is a relevant potential for our company. Before Jana tried to close smaller deals, we did not prioritize those leads at all.

Why is the small business program different from the regular evaluation of a Sales Development Representative?

Michael: When my team members decide to develop, they usually approach the next position in the sales cycle like Account Executive or they change departments, from Sales to Marketing or SC. Before Jana took over, small business was not part of our target market. So she had to create her own strategy instead of getting into a position the company already offers.

Why was Jana chosen to take responsibility to build up the Small Business Program?

Michael: She had been working at Capmo for a while already. That's why she knew the customers very well but also had strong connections to the other departments. That was important for the cooperation with the marketing department for landing pages etc. and customer success for the after-sales service of the smaller customers.

How did the Small Business Program affect your Team members?

Michael: In two ways: on one hand Jana now pays attention to leads, we did not contact at all so far, and converts them into customers. Through that, the other Sales reps can focus more on the larger companies and don't have to sort out the small lead from their pipelines. On the other hand, Jana is a great example of the different options for growth one has in the company. She is now performing much better than expected, which in turn, motivates other team members. With the SBP we have proven that going the extra mile leads to success.

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